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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Twisted Together: New Gay Erotica!

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It was supposed to be simple.
Go on a date with Kris. He needs to use me to get at his father, I need a loan from him to take care of some things. Okay, that parts complicated. Fine.
The real problem is... I'm not gay. According to Kris, he isn't either. But if that's true, why does he look at me with such hungry eyes?
Even worse, why is he so quick to want to touch me?
I swore I wasn't into men. I promised myself I wouldn't let him change me.
Too bad promises are so easy to break.

Twisted Together is 20,000 words of passionate, first time gay erotica, all mixed up in the turmoil of one man fighting a side of himself he never wanted... and another man all too eager to show him what it means to truly give in.

This story contains first time gay experiences and detailed scenes that will drive you wild. Use the Look Inside Preview on the book cover above for a better peek at what's waiting!


Closing the gap, Kris's nose nearly grazed mine. I could see every vowel on his lips when he whispered. “You're fighting facts. You want me, Jack. You can't even help it, you're just lusting for me by now.” He squeezed my leg, gliding it up to my thigh.
In my jeans, my prick twitched. “N—no,” I finally managed to blurt. It was an awful argument, I tried again. “No, you're wrong, I don't...” His mouth claimed mine, ending my frail sentence. Lips hotter than sin crushed on me, arms tangling, shoving me back against my passenger window. Kris was demanding, the least surprising aspect of the encounter.
His tongue shoved, pushing into my mouth and tickling my roof. Teeth clipped, rough on my skin, while fingers held me frozen under him. He didn't need to capture me, I was too shocked to fight. He was kissing me, actually kissing me. There, in his car like some drunken bimbo he'd taken from a club, Kris was coaxing a slippery tongue down my throat.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rough and Raw! The Ultimate Gay Box Set goes on SALE!

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Rough, dirty and raw!

This 56,000 word box set contains 6 best selling gay stories that have all hit the top 100 Gay charts on Amazon! (Transformed by His Dreams, Taken With Ink, He Took Him From the North, Taking His Offer, Taking His Direction,The Lion Master)

This collection is running wild with the most explicit Gay Erotica possible, we couldn't even list it on Amazon's front page!
If you love sexy men who can't help themselves and alpha men all over each other in hot detail, then this box set is for you!

Adults only, all character are 18+, read and enjoy!

The themes inside include: BDSM, reluctant gay acts, gay transformations, domination and force, anal play, anal beads and other toys, cock rings and so much more!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hot New Erotic Romance! Training the Perfect Wife!

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My wedding night was supposed to be sweet, loving and special.
I guess my husband had other ideas.
When had he become so commanding, asking me to strip for him, to obey his every word?
And why is it so god damn hot?
I really didn't know what it meant to become a perfect wife until Joseph showed me.
Marriage is going to change me more than anyone ever said it could.

This short story contains explicit content, including a dominating husband forcing his wife to strip down, to do erotic and humiliating acts with sex toys, punishment from forced multiple orgasms, detailed BDSM, and so much more that it's too hot to list on Amazon's front page!

Adult content, 18+ only, enjoy!


Annie,” he sighed in exasperation, “a good wife, a perfect wife, doesn't question her husband. She just obeys. Don't you want to obey me?”
My chest was tight, like my heart was growing too big to fit in my ribs. Was I actually getting excited by all of this? What harm is there in playing along? Timid, I let my mouth fall open for him.
He started gentle, sliding the toy around my mouth, dipping it inside to stroke my tongue. I can't lie, it was strangely erotic to have him playing with me like that.
Maybe I have an oral fixation and I didn't even know it.
Suddenly, he pulled away from me. I felt empty, like he'd taken something sweet from me. Joseph moved, sliding down to my feet. “Roll over, get on your belly,” he commanded.
My blood was becoming lava. Roll over? Am I a dog, now? There was no room to debate it. Instead of wasting time, I flipped onto my stomach, aware I was wearing nothing but my panties.
His shadow fell over me, voice scalding on my temple. “Open again,” he said. Swallowing uneasily, I did as he asked. “Now bite down.”
The rubber texture of the dildo slid across my tongue, but I obeyed. The rush that flowed through my body as I closed my teeth made my toes curl. I didn't even care that the hard object tasted awful.
Joseph brushed his fingers over my hair, smiling down on me in his wicked way. “Good girl. Now don't drop it, you'll need to hold onto that until I say otherwise. If not...” He traced the dip of my nude back, walking around to stand behind me. “Well. Let's say there'll be consequences.”
I shivered, not sure if I was nervous, excited, or both.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Book! Sexy Reluctant Gay Erotica!

A brand new filthy, explicit, and just delicious book!

Addicted to Being Filled: Grab it here on Amazon!

All Phil wants to do is quit smoking. When his coworker, Grant, offers him an option that sounds too good to be true... he's rightfully skeptical.
How can listening to a CD cure his addiction?
Willing to try anything, Phil humors the man and plays the CD as he sleeps.
It seems to work, but now he has a new problem. When he thinks about smoking, he craves something else entirely. Something far more filthy and obscene.
Can Phil reclaim control over his own desires, or will his ache for his male coworker prove to be too much for him to resist?

6,000 words of first time gay, subliminal control, and graphic detailed M/M scenes.

Contains Adult Content!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brand New Steamy Story!

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Marco has always considered himself to be straight. 
That is, until an intimate massage from his roommate, Quinn, starts to make him wonder. Confused and concerned by the sudden lust for his male friend, Marco finds it harder and harder to resist the handsome blonde. 
Is it the massage that's driving him wild, or something more? 
Unable to control his sudden, aching need, Marco doesn't know what to do. 
Another massage may give him the solution. 

This story is 7,400 words of first time gay experiences, detailed scenes with slow build up, and much more!


Quinn must have sensed my rising worry. “Try to relax,” he instructed me, sliding up the backs of my thighs. That didn't help me to calm down, not at all. Up he went, then down again, keeping a consistent tempo.
It went on like that for some time, the blackness of my eyelids keeping me from holding onto how long he'd been massaging me. All I knew was that the insistent ache in my core was growing.
I need to stop this, somehow... somehow I need to ask him to stop. My body was beginning to feel sluggish, resisting my internal desire to flee. Quinn was doing something to me, I just couldn't put it into words. Every delightful rub of his fingers over my flesh was turning me on, making me weaker.
He kept stopping at the top of my hamstrings, only just brushing the outside of my briefs. It sent goosebumps down my thighs every time, the tiny hairs standing up so fiercely it was close to painful. I heard my own breathing in my ears, a rumble like thunderclouds.
You want me to go higher?” he asked me, close to the nape of my neck.
I don't know, I don't know anymore. My brain was so very fuzzy, I licked my lips and said nothing. Perhaps my silence was the answer he needed.

The answer I needed.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Maiden for the Dragon: New Monster Erotica!

Grab it on AMAZON NOW!

When Emme set out into the world, the young woman simply wanted to find adventure.
Unfortunately, with the help of a few superstitious villagers, she soon found much more.
Bound and left in the middle of an ominous forest, Emme thinks her biggest problem is untying the ropes holding her down.
That is, until a pair of ember-hot eyes appear out of the darkness, announcing the real threat awaiting her in the quiet woods.
The dragon has come calling, and he expects his sacrifice.

This 5,300 word story contains explicit content that may offend some people. The scenes inside include erotically detailed dragon sex, forced orgasms from slippery tongues and tails, as well as some completely stretched gooey body parts.



Shaking from scalp to toes, I watched as Gollan slid his talon down the ropes holding my legs together. The binds split like dry grass, falling away and leaving only red marks in their wake. Sighing in relief, I stretched my limbs to take out the muscle aches.
However, my relief was short lived.
Lowering his snout to my thighs, the best inhaled deeply, taking in my scent like it was a fine perfume. The warm air tickled, his tongue tickled more. Quickly, the appendage slid down my creamy thighs, slipping inwards.
“Hey!” I gasped, unsure what he was thinking. “S—stop that! That's not...”
Chuckling, the dragon crouched down before me like a sphinx. I was prone, my arms still bound behind me, so I could do little but sit there and argue. Gollan knew that, he knew that even if I had been completely free, I was still no match for his vast strength and size.
Again, he rolled his tongue up my leg, following every curve until he hit the hem of my sleeping gown. In one motion, he pushed it higher, exposing the ivory panties I wore beneath. “Adorable,” he mused, setting a hot blush alive on my cheeks.
“You can't look there,” I pleaded, unsure what to do about this sudden twist.

Friday, August 9, 2013